ToeJam & Earl

90’s kids, try not to wet yourself too much but today sees the return of ToeJam & Earland ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Today on Xbox Live Arcade and The PlayStation Network.

Players will be able to download these amazing classics separately on The PlayStation Network for £3.59 and bundled together on Xbox LiveArcade as Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl for 800 Microsoft Points.


ToeJam & Earl are two of the funkiest aliens you’ll ever come across and in ToeJam & Earl the two find themselves stuck on the most craziest planet in space: Earth! Players must help the duo find the missing piece to their spaceship after crash landing on Earth. Explore dozens of crazy landscapes and come across some of the most hilarious citizens on the planet.

The fun doesn’t stop there, after returning back to their home planet Funkotron ToeJam and Earl find that they’ve got an unwelcome cargo of stowaways that are invading their funky planet blinding all of the planets inhabitants with their cameras.

tjneThe great thing about this game way back when it was on the MegaDrive was that it was one of the first games, in my experience that had co-operative gameplay, you can choose to play as either ToeJam or Earl, and your buddy played as whoever you didn’t choose. With this in mind both titles have been updated with full online co-op support as well as support for achievements and trophies.

If you’ve never even heard of ToeJam & Earl you’re really missing out on some fantastic and hilarious gaming.

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