Creeper Mug

That’sssssss a very nice hot drink you have there. It be a shame if… I was to explode…


Creeper MugThe Creeper. The bane of every minecraft players life, the destroyer of homes, hopes & dreams. But the guys over at have came up with a way to combat the exploding demons of Minecraft, drink out of them. It’s simple yet effective, what would strike fear more than using out a hollowed out head of one of their own as a liquid receptacle. No more buckets to hold your refreshing water or hot lava, Just purchase the Creeper Mug and off you go, hot coffee, warm milk or a cheeky cuppa-soup.

This very robust mug is amazing and stays true to minecraft with its square block design, It isn’t just a cheap image of a creeper face on a green mug. The mug is dishwasher safe which is always a must and very sturdy, so sturdy that I think you would have to tip it over yourself rather than knock it over (I wouldn’t recommend doing either unless you enjoy the wrath of an angry parent).  Like I said this mug is very robust but we wouldn’t recommend that you try to bring a tree down with it, your fists are still better suited for that.

The mug is £12.99 from Firebox and will be a Christmas must have this year. Why not team it up with the Foam Pickaxe also available from Firebox here for £19.99.

Minecraft has grown in popularity recently since its release in 2009 and more and more memorabilia is starting to be released making the hit sand-box game come to life for people everywhere. Minecraft is available to download on PC and Mac here and a new Xbox 360 edition is available here .A hand held version can be bought for Android here (£4.99) and for iOS here (£4.99)

Christmas is Creeping closer and closer and our Advent Calendar is just getting started. Keep coming back everyday as we open a new window. What’s behind them you’ll just have to wait and see.



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