EMT christmas

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without food and alcohol and who better to show you a combination of the three things combined than EpicMealTime. The video above was released 19th December 2011 but I think we can all agree it’s never going to get old, much like Home Alone or Slade.

The crazy Canadians spread Christmas cheer in the only way they know how, by decorating a Christmas tree with over 2,000 Bacon Strips and cheeseburger baubles and a solid white chocolate EMT logo sitting at the top and let’s not forget the chicken nugget tinsel! Underneath the tree sits yet more burgers just waiting to be unwrapped. Then eaten. As well as some Jack Daniels to wash it all down.

EpicMealTime could also be the perfect Christmas gift this year, why not buy your loved one a lovely bobbly winter hat complete with the classic ‘Bacon Strips &’  here . And why not accompany it with something that’s going to warm them up from head to toe with a bottle of Jack Daniels. There are two winter warmers available this year in the shape of the ‘Holiday Select’ a stronger than normal No. 7 JD at 100% proof. But for a really nice winter warmer I would choose the Jack Daniels Winter Jack, a Whiskey with roasted apples and cinammon and can be served hot to warm you up or cold to chill you out. Both bottles are available from various places online and would make an ideal gift this Christmas for an aspiring Sauce Boss.

We are now over half way through our n3rdabl3 advent calendar and as always come back each day for more Christmas Cheer! And remember to please drink responsibly this Holiday Season.


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