Mystery Box

This isn’t a Call of Duty Mystery Box, you aren’t going to get a Ray-Gun or the Commando. But you can get something to eat! That’s just as good, right? Can’t decide what to get a loved one? Why not let take away the hassle of stressing over what to get that difficult person? It’s so simple and no one has to be the wiser that you didn’t have anything to do with it. You don’t even have to wrap it! (Result!)

Mystery BoxFirebox have very cleverly come up with the Mystery Box, a box of mystery and wonder. No one know what it may contain. Except for Dave in packaging. He knows*. Choose from six different categories and just sit back and wait for it to be delivered. The categories are: A Gadget Box, Toys & Game Box,  Spicy Box, Stupid Box, Edible Box & The Girls’ Night Out Box. The boxes contain a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 6 items that are highly ranked in their specific category. All the boxes are the same so there will be no variation in what you get. The boxes cost £19.99, apart from the Girls box which is £24.99. Firebox have stated for peace of mind that opening one of their boxes is not like Pandora’s Box and will not  trigger the end of existence. Phew!

Nothing says I love you like a present you’ve practically let some one else pick, so why don’t you get yours here now! As a note before you do buy any of the boxes that the Girls’ Night Out Box is not suitable for females under the age of 18 and that the Stupid Box is not suitable for persons under the age of 16. Also the Gadget Boxes will not contain any Apple or Android specific items, so you don’t have to worry about getting little Billy an iPad this Christmas.

And so concludes yet another n3rdabl3 Advent Calendar day. As always come back each day for more games, gadgets & givewaways!

*Dave is a fictional character and doesn’t really exist. Although a Dave may work for Firebox and may deal with all the packaging. Who knows.

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