Advent Calendar Event Day 18- World of Tanks

Advent Calendar Event Day 18- World of Tanks - n3rdabl3

The Christmas season, what’s not to love? The difficulty of finding a new Christmas number 1 game is always treaty, but fear not, I come bearing the answer! And that answer is World of Tanks!

World of Tanks is a free-to-play MMO, based around tank warfare. I like to think of it as Counter Strike, but with Tanks, and c’mon what part of that sentence didn’t you love? Since the Christmas shopping has set you back a considerable amount of change, this game comes suited perfectly, it’s free-to-play.

However, you do have the options of increasing your account into a premium edition for a monthly fee, providing you with added benefits, or you can get what you want through a micro-transaction system. What, in my opinion, makes this game pretty suited for Christmas is its gift shop. Know someone who hasn’t got the game, but might like it? Buy them a starter pack of goodies! Set them up good and proper with the right tools for around a tenner, and let them get a heads start in the game that they won’t want to leave. I sure as hell know that that would make a fantastic gift for any gamer (listen up Santa, Benny needs himself a new Panzer).

Can’t think of a present? Thank me later, and go for this, I’m pretty confident that World of Tanks would make for a more popular Christmas present for gamers, dads, kids and who knows, even mums (we all know they have a great appreciation for the T-34).

Pick World of Tanks up for free at and blow things up!

Also stayed tuned for my more in-depth review of World of Tanks here later this week!

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