Star Wars Advent Calendar

LEGO  Star Wars Advent Calendar

So it begins, from today until the 24th of December we’ll be bringing you an array of different gadgets, games, and gizmos (some great gift ideas maybe?), along with festive websites and videos all to count down the arrival of (almost) everyones favourite holiday! Be sure to check back here every day for a brand new treat!

So the Christmas countdown has officially began here at n3rdabl3 and what better way to start our advent calendar than with an advent calendar on day one. But this isn’t any old chocolate one, its a LEGO Star Wars advent calendar.

The advent calendar is the corner stone of the christmas countdown and in the past few year they’ve gotten better and better. In this particular advent calendar chocolate has been replaced with those lovely little blocks and what a combination! Star Wars and Christmas.. Yes!

The box of goodies features doors like any other advent calendar and with each door is a Star Wars themed present, varying from a mini AT-AT to a Santa Claus themed Darth Maul, A little less friendly but still just as festive as Saint Nick!

This gift is suggested for 6-14 years old kids but to be quite honest any LEGO fan would appreciate it as would any Star Wars fan no matter what age. For £24.99 the Calendar can be yours from the official LEGO site and you can spread the Christmas joy to your n3rdy loved ones!

So now that we’ve started our very own ‘Adv3nt Cal3nder’ come back each day in the run up to Christmas for more Festive fun!

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