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Now Minecraft has been touched upon quite a bit in our little advent event, but I’m going to bring Mineceraft to life. I’m bringing it into real life. We’ll have a run down of all the cool nifty things that are available to make you Minecraft dreams a reality! So come with me on this voyage of discovery.

Minecraft LEGOLet’s start small, hone your skills as a tree punching, block breaking boss. With LEGO Mincraft. Yes that’s right the classic block building toy company have teamed up with the great block breaking game, it’s a match made in heaven. LEGO Minecraft comes with tiny blocks to make your perfect pixelated playground. Make caves underground and large cliffs above ground, and what’s best is the set comes with a mini Steve AND a mini creeper to keep that realism alive. The set can be bought from the LEGO website here for £34.99. This is the gift that will start you path to greatness. What next?


Minecraft PickaxeSo you think you’re ready to take on the biomes? Well you need to equip yourself with some tools, don’t you? You’ve got a whole world just waiting to be dug up and mined, but without your trusty pickaxe you’ll be on for hours trying to punch that block of iron ore into submission. You need the Foam Pickaxe, the staple in any miners inventory. Luckily for everyone this pickaxe will last forever possibly, rather than 132 uses as it is in game. The pickaxe is made from EVA foam which is strong enough to be durable and yet soft enough to hit someone with it. It’s available from a few different retailers out there but you can get it here for $20.


Minecraft SwordYou’ve gotten all the resources you need for now to build a stone home, you’ve found some iron to make some armor, but what is defense without offense. You need something to protect you in the caves, to keep you safe at night. You need… A sword! The minecraft foam sword. Made in the same way as the pickaxe but this time those damn blasted Creepers won’t know what’s hit them. Skeletons beware, Zombies look out, Pigs…watch your chops! The Minecraft sword is the second thing you should be thinking about crafting. Think you can survive outside without a sword? Let me tell you, you’re going to have a bad time. Arm yourself, for $20 here.


Minecraft TorchYour little home is all nice and snug now. But you’ve forgotten to build a bed. You’re just left there standing in the pitch black waiting for the sun to burn all those nasty things scratching at your door (I hope you remembered to shut it). Well instead of standing there like an amateur, you might aswell build some torches. Or atleast insert 3 AAA Batteries. Yes that’s right the classic Minecraft torch can now be a key feature in your bedroom, It will stand on your desk or mount on your wall. And in a recent patch it will keep away hostile mobs from your room! Wow! As I said all it takes is three AAA batteries and can be yours for $34.99 which is a little pricey but think of all those diamonds you’ll not loose when you’re killed by a sneaky Creeper! you can grab your torch here.

Minecraft HeadsThis whole Minecraft IRL would be nothing without Steve, we all know and love him and now we can all be him! With Minecraft Masks. There is a choice of the delightful Steve or the dastardly Creeper. Choose your mask and enjoy the look on everyone else’s face when you stroll up to them with this giant pixel masterpiece aloft your noggin. These masks are made from cardboard and have eye holes where the eyes are! Genius! Both masks are $20 each and are available here. They would also make a great start to any Minecraft costume!

We’ve come a long way on our Minecraft Real Life Crossover. We’re getting good at building, We’re experimenting with pistons, but what’s next I hear yo ask. Well read on and I shall share.

Minecraft Red StonePistons, and mechanical doors can be a pain in the backside in Minecraft and with all good mechanical systems you will find a flurry of Red Stone Dust on the floor. Red Stone Ore blocks can be sometimes hard to come across and when you do you will know that when you first hit them they’ll light up slightly. Now, wouldn’t that make a good light? Well it’s been done! The Red Stone touch light block. a lovely little light that lights to 3 different brightness’, the perfect light for your bedside table! The light takes two AA batteries but clearly that’s just a front and really does work with the power of Red Stone. The light is available here for $25 and aswell as lighting up a room it would light up someones life.

Minecraft Neather PortalYou’re a Master of Minecraft now, but when everything is done and your perfect home is built where do you go? TO THE NETHER!!! An evil and dark place inhabited by scary creatures and miles of deadly lava. Dare you enter the nether? Now you can, safely and from your desk. Make the nether come to life on your desk with a USB nether portal. You don’t have to go through the ridiculous task of making your own Obsidian when it’s all done for you! The soothing glow of the portal will help keep the thought of whats on the other side at bay and it even has a slight hum to it, much like the Minecraft version. The desktop portal can be picked up for $40 here. Hope you have a safe trip to the nether, and remember to not hassle the zombie pig men.

Minecraft Wrapping PaperSo that wraps up our Minecraft IRL Advent post! But I’m not done, I have one last treat that should wrap this all up nicely. Yes, Minecraft wrapping paper! The only way to wrap up your presents this year. It’s cobblestone themed and if your gifts are put in a box before wrapping, The cobblestone shaped present is like two gifts in one! you’ll just want to stack them rather than find out what’s inside. You can get yours here for £6.49! Bargain!

There’s not many days left of our Advent Calendar so keep coming back each day for more festive cheer!

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