Those of you unfamiliar with 22Cans, we previously wrote about one of their games Curiosity. Curiosity is a game where millions of people around the world are chipping away at a huge cube made of billions of little cubes in an attempt to remove every single little until one person removes the final cube and according to a quote by 22Cans founder Peter Molyneux “what is inside the cube is life-changingly amazing by any definition”.

Curiosity is in fact 22Cans’ first ever game, and to be honest it didn’t go too well. There were countless server problems where people couldn’t access the game, people were losing their earnings, people were getting booted, so on, and so forth.

cans22 Cans is a new development team founded by Peter Molyneux, a veteran game developer that created well known “God” games like Populous, Dungeon Keeper, and the Black White series. Another thing Molyneux is well known for is over promising when it comes to his video games and what they may or may not have to offer, which brings me onto my main topic of discussion – Godus.

Recently 22Cans jumped straight from Curiosity right into a Kickstarter campaign for their new game Godus. Godus is a reboot of Molyneux’s most famous title – Populous. gaming project godus concept artEssentially it’s going to be a game where players play God to a tiny virtual world, but not like the current time management games that you’ll find on iOS and Android, or even on PC’s and Macs, Godus aims to revive an old genre where the player is truly involved in how things work in their tiny piece of their world.

Godus, according to the Kickstarter aims to deliver an “exciting global co-operation, competition, creation and destruction [game] to a whole new generation”.

godusAt a glance, Godus looks pretty freaking amazing, it’s simplistic and cube-like appearance looks fantastic (though it’s only concept art) and the overall idea of the game is impressive, and thanks to the successful funding of £526,563 (almost £100,000 over their original £450,000 target) they’ve managed to promise us a bunch of new features such as more single player and multiplayer game modes, the ability to start a Sect. (religion), the original writer of Black White will return to write a story, and much more.

How fantastic this all sounds, we can look back at past (not so) achievements from Molyneux such as Black White and Fable and how over promised and undelivered they were and hope that those of us who have backed this Kickstarter aren’t just throwing money at the idea of a great game, and that in late 2013 the game that we all hope for arrives as promised!

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