The Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station

With more and more devices using USB connections to charge and transfer data I often find my bedside covered in a wig of USB cables and chargers. Some phone manufacturers have looked at this issue and have started to release devices with wireless charging capabilities but for those of us yet to get our hands on these types of devices we’re forced to look for other options.

IMGWhy not take a look at this Belkin Converve Valet Smart USB Charging Station. It’s great looking and fits perfectly on any bed side unit. The Conserve Valet has four USB ports giving power to four devices simultaneously and to save the horror of the dreaded wire wig you can wrap excess cable around the inside of the charging station thanks to the innovative design of the device.

IMGThe Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station can charge anything that uses a USB port to charge such as Smartphones, Tablets, Bluetooth Headsets, MP3 Players, and I’ve even charged up my Helicopter a few times! The charging station has three USB ports at the back ideally for the cables that are used frequently with the station and one USB port on the side perfect for those you use less frequently with the charging station.

The main feature of the Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station is the power saving abilities. Often when we’re not using our USB chargers they can often keep drawing power – a horrible thought for those of you who are conscious of your carbon footprint! The Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station has tackled that problem head on and as soon as your device isn’t charging any more, after a few seconds the charging station will turn off. One thing I will point out is that the charging station requires turning on before anything can be charged using the really obvious green button, something you must remember or your devices will go uncharged even if they’re plugged in. Something I forgot to remember the other night. *facepalm*

IMGThis charging station is an absolute god send. Since using it I’ve been able to free up two plug sockets, I’ve saved a bunch of space, and I always know where my cables are whenever I need them which is brilliant. The Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station is a perfect iPhone 5 charger, Samsung Galaxy Note charger, iPod Charger, and USB Gadget charger and you can get the Belkin Conserve Valet Smart USB Charging Station from for £16!

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