Real Heroes: Firefighter


Just 2 days to go until the wonderful time of Christmas, and people listen up! I bring you today a genuine surprise. I bring you my thoughts on the new Real Heroes: Firefighter, and the chance to win yourselves a copy!

Now, for Christmas, the usual gamer will likely be asking for the latest big releases. I know I am (Black Ops 2 please Santa!), but I feel this game would make for a very surprising replacement. Now when I got the chance to review this game before its release, the main reason I accepted was because of how different it is to my usual gaming tastes. I generally sit on Halo 4, Call of Duty, Battlefield and more recently World of Tanks, but this game makes for such a welcome substitute!

You’re probably asking, what is this mystery game about? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s about Firefighters! You take on the roll of a rookie firefighter who’s just made it through the academy, and has begun his full time job fighting fires. As far as I have found out, there’s no real story behind it, no partner is killed by an arsonist and the game is not about vengeance, I think the overall aim of the game is to celebrate the Firemen around the world, which they do very well.Game

On the box it boasts the quote “Nominated by IGN for Shooter of the Year”. A quote I thought was nuts before I got my hands on the game. This is a first person shooter, well more like sprayer, and the style reminds me exactly like Borderlands or Crackdown. It’s cartoony, and whenever boxes or the scenery are destroyed, comic book-like onomatopoeias are shown. Although not particularly serious, this is a very brave way the developers at Iceberg Interactive choose to present the game, and I feel it works much better than if the game were to use something extremely detailed like Dice’s Frostbite 2 Engine. Plus this game requires INSANELY low system requirements, meaning that anyone with a computer or even net book could easily run this game! That sort of accessibility makes this a game for the seasons.

GameThis gaofThiso got me thinking, what other kind of real heroes are there like the fire-fighters out there that deserve their own game. The police have games like CSI and L.A. Noir, and there are more military games that you can count. So I ask you, the humble readers, what heroes do you feel deserve a game in celebration of their work? Provide an answer by commenting on this article on the website, and the best one will win one of two free copies of Real Heroes Firefighters!

Looking for a Christmas present for loved ones this year? With only 2 days to go I can sincerely recommend this game. Dad’s and small children I feel will lose hours of their lives playing this game, and since there’s no gore, its fine for all the family. Pick the game up from any good online retailer for under £10, and give someone a Merry Christmas!

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