NORAD tracks Santa

norad tracks santa

December is the busiest time of year for one jolly red fat man and without the help of his darling wife and his little elf helpers, Christmas just wouldn’t happen. Now, the tradition is to leave some treats out for old St. Nick and his reindeer friends but why leave the carrots out all night for them just to go all horrible and leave his cookie’s out to go stale. If I was delivering presents all across the world in one night to millions of kids and having to eat millions of stale cookies it wouldn’t really be the thanks I wanted. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you knew when to leave them out, if you knew what time Santa was planning on arriving on your rooftop. Well now you can. Santa has upgraded his sleigh recently and has fitted a tracking device. You can watch as Santa fly’s from Australia to Argentina, The United Kingdom to The United Eremites delivering Christmas joy to kids and adults all night.

NORAD ( North American Aerospace Defense Command) are the people behind tracking Santa, you could say they’re his little elves in America, only they’re taller than elves.  NORAD’s Track Santa has been going since December 24th 1955! And was originally a service for kids to call up Santa to find out when their new bike was going to arrive or who was Santa’s favorite reindeer. In more recent years Santa, as well as upgrading his sleigh has gotten himself an email address for kids to email him. And now you can track Santa with the help of Google Earth, watch as he moves all across the globe and eventually makes his delivery down your chimney. The map shows his current location with local time but Santa knows not of the effects of jet lag and will not stop until every present is delivered. There is also a 3D version available on the site to see the sleigh, reindeer and Santa flying over the map.

So completes the third day of our Advent Calendar, come back each day for more festive fun and some cracking giveaways! and remember to drop by The NORAD website here and find out when jolly Saint Nick will be arriving on your rooftop.

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