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Don’t you love starting a Minecraft server, and then when it hits night, running for your live from Creepers?

Well, now you can do the same thing, just minus the need for Minecraft!

From J!NX, comes a plushy Creeper for the reasonable price of 24.99!

This 14 inch Creeper plushy, comes complete with realistic Creeper sound effects, which makes it fun for people of all ages! Minecraft players, young or old!

It is durable, soft and makes the explosion sound – what’s not to like? Makes me even want one!

This, as well as other products sold within J1NX’s online store, can make the Minecraft enthusiast’s day, with the store also selling items such as a “Steve head” that you can actually put over your entire head to make you look like the classic Minecraft character!

Be sure to check out the store quick if you want to pick up one of these, because every day or two that I’ve looked, it has been varying between out of stock, limited availability, and in stock. Don’t risk missing out on this Creeper!

Great toy for little kids!

That concludes day 4 of our Advent Calendar event, be sure to check back each day for something new and equally awesome!!

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