Mighty Boom Ball

There are a whole host of solutions out there for portable speaker systems, most of which need heavy duty batteries for optimal performance and quite often than not the more “compact” or “travel size” the speakers may be, they won’t quite be as loud as you’d like. If you have a smartphone you could use your loud speaker to play music, but there are certain situations like festivals for example where you’d rather have your phone in your pocket, safe.

Why not use something cheap and disposable as a speaker like an empty box or a bottle?

Yeah you read right.. let me go into it a little further..

mbbThe Mighty Boom Ball is a compact vibration speaker with an adhesive pad that you can stick to almost anything and turn that object into a speaker. Yep, ANYTHING. From the box The Mighty Boom Ball can work on; Bottles, cans, tables, boxes, paper cups, chairs, tins, car bonnets, bike helmets, books, cereal boxes, chocolate boxes, cupboards, DVD cases, desks, doors, garage doors, the list in endless..

So how does it work?

mbbIn the box you get the Mighty Boom Ball, two spare adhesive pads, an instruction manual, and the battery booster, you connect the 3.5mm jack to your MP3 player, Smartphone, Computer, Laptop, anything with a standard headphone jack, you then connect the 2.5mm jack to the Mighty Boom Ball, whack some AAA batteries into the Battery Booster, turn it on and play your music. At first you’ll notice the Mighty Boom Ball will play your selected song quite quietly, but you’ll certainly feel the thing vibrate. Once you find something hollow and stick the Mighty Boom Ball onto it BOOM, you’ve got yourself a speaker out of practically anything.

mbbWe’ve done a few tests on an empty can, a poster tube, a window, an electric heater, an empty bottle, my cheek (that didn’t sound too good), and a small empty box, each time the sound quality varied a little bit depending on which item we stuck it too but the sound that came out of each item was actually really good quality and it’s pretty loud too, the box claims that the sound carries up to 20 metres!

There’s also a Power Booster that you can get for the Mighty Boom Ball that has a mini USB re-charge connector according to the instruction manual, but I can’t seem to find one on their website. Some devices may be able to power the Mighty Boom Ball without the Battery Booster/Power Booster so all you’d need is a 2.5mm – 3.5mm audio cable for it to work!


Overall I can see the Mighty Boom Ball being perfect for a huge lists of things such as festivals, parties, camping trips, camper vans, picnics, holidays, you name it! there’s even a handy strap so you can attach it to your keys so you’ve always got it with you! (You may have to take up a bit of room in your bag or pocket for the cable/booster if you actually plan to use it though..) You can buy the Mighty Boom Ball from http://www.mightyboomball.com/store/ for £15 – Bargain!

I have a feeling I’ll be getting quite a bit of use out of this little device and you could too..


mbbDo you want to win yourself the blue Mighty Boom Ball shown here? If so, click here and fill in the blank to enter*, we want to know what you’ll stick your mighty boom ball onto. Be creative,  the whackier the better, and if you make us laugh that’ll help too! We’ll announce the winner of all of our Advent Calendar Event winners on the 1st of January so get your thinking caps on!

So that’s it for the 5th day in our Advent Calendar Event, be sure to check back here every day for another awesome game, gadget, or gizmo!

*successful entries will be retweeted by the @n3rdabl3 twitter account, please leave the tweet as it is other than removing the *FILL IN THE BLANK* and replacing it with your answer. Winners will be notified by @n3rdabl3 on twitter on the 1st of January.. Good luck!

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