Terrorist Tea Pot

Christmas is getting ever closer (okay it’s only day 6, but who doesn’t love Christmas?) you’re probably dreading the next few weeks trawling around the shops trying to find the perfect gift for that certain someone, chances are this gift idea would be perfect for you and that special someone.

There’s nothing us Brits love more than to wake up to/come home after a hard days work/Christmas shopping and have a cup of tea. The only problem is; traditional tea pots are just a little too posh for my liking, and to be honest the only people I see using tea pots nowadays are my grandparents! Don’t even get me started on tea cosies!

terrorteaBut if I had this little gem, I’d be having pots of tea pretty much every day, and this particular tea cosy I don’t mind!

The Terrorist Tea Pot is perfect for that certain someone who likes a bit of danger in their life. I’ve seen this particular novelty tea pot floating around the internet for some time now and it’s always caught my eye and it could be yours for only £25!

The Terrorist Tea Pot is a set including the tea pot and the balaclava tea cosy. For those of you who like the technical info, the pot holds 1.5 litres (50 Oz) which will make you 5 or 6 big cups of steaming hot tea!

You can buy the Terrorist Tea Pot from Suck UK.

That’s it for todays advent calendar item! Be sure to join us tomorrow for the next gift idea/game/gadget/giveaway and keep an eye right here for the window to open!

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