Nexus Q


Here’s one for you guys across the pond. Unfortunately it’s not yet available in the UK so we’ll just have to wait until we can get one of these!

The Nexus Q was first announced at Google I/O earlier in the year. This simple ball-like device is a music streaming device that runs on an Android Ice Cream Sandwich based and is fully integrated with Google Play, it has the ability to wirelessly stream audio from Google Play Music or YouTube via a HDTV or a home stereo system and you can control the music via your Android smartphone or tablet.

The Nexus Q is a sleek and simple design that would fit perfectly into any home. There’s even the option to buy the cables and some bookshelf speakers that’re compatible with the Q so you’re not left looking around.

The main reason I’m adding this onto the Advent Calendar Event is because there’s an abundance of iOS compatible docks and stereo systems so I thought I’d be a little different and feature something that’s purely Android only.

The best part about the Nexus Q is that it runs Android, and at Google I/O they even mentioned that they’d added a micro USB port so people could tinker with the operating system to see what they could do with the device! It may be a bit of a slow burner at the moment, but put into the right hands the Nexus Q could become a pretty awesome home stereo system.

The Nexus Q is currently only available in the US so far priced at $299 and is available on the Play Store.

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