Tetris Light


Table lamps and bed-side lamps are just plain boring. They switch on and off, and on and off, and that’s about it. They may help you make your way safely to the toilet late at night giving you light so you don’t trip over the dog, but they’re just really really boring!

Why not add a bit of fun to your night time reading in the form of this awesome Tetris Light! Tetris has become a firm favourite for gamers of all ages since it’s release in 1984 and has been available on several different gaming platforms – my favourite being the gameboy so why not take it one step further it into a fun interactive light?

tetrislightThe Tetris Light is mains powered and comes with 7 individual ‘Tetriminos’ to create many different combinations so bedtime won’t be so boring any more!*  You can buy the Tetris Lamp from I Want One Of Those for £25.99!

Before this post went live, my wife actually bought me one of these because I wouldn’t shut up about it. It now sits quite proudly next to our TV and our Xbox!

That concludes todays short but sweet Advent Calendar post, be sure to check back tomorrow for another awesome gadget, game, or gizmo! Don’t forget to check out Day 5 for the neat giveaway!

*I take no responsibility to the loss of sleep that will be had thanks to the Tetris Light.

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