Call of Duty Black Ops II Revolution DLC

ffcacdbccbfddThe above picture was leaked yesterday possibly revealing the first DLC Map Pack for the latest instalment of Call of Duty Black Ops II. The promotional image reveals four multiplayer maps, one zombies map, and a brand new SMG.

The four multiplayer maps shown on the image are Hydro – a map that appears to be set around or on a hydroelectric dam, Grind – an appropriate name for a map that appears to be on a skatepark. There’s also Downhill – a map that appears to be remarkably similar to the Black Ops Summit map, and finally we’ve got Mirage – an oriental style map with Pagoda style buildings.

The Zombies map that’ll be available is called Die Rise which features toppled over skyscrapers in the background of the image. Die Rise sounds similar to Der Rise and also a play on words for “High Rise” so hopefully we’ll be seeing some interesting fusions between tall buildings and fast paced zombie action.

Finally we’ve got the SMG. Releasing a weapon with DLC is a first for Treyarch so it’ll be interesting to see how well received it is. The bonus SMG is called the Peacekeeper – it’ll be interesting to see how this compares to existing SMG’s.

The DLC is rumored to be released on the 29th of January and should be available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Our source at Activision has “no comment” at this time soon the legitimacy of this  rumour. That must mean something, right?


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