Don’t let the title of this game fool you because it is not the first title in the series like you may think! If you are not familiar with Devil May Cry series, this in fact the fifth game in the franchise. I’ll be honest I don’t know a great deal about the DmC series but they’re okay, the reason I say that is because I am not a fan of hack and slash games because a lot of the time I feel that they’re just copy and paste jobs in every battle.

This game has a certain charm to it, and what I mean by that is that it’s not realistic nor are you shooting foreigners (ahem Battlefield and Call of Duty) you’re actually killing demons and you’re also the son of an angel and a demon. This is one of Capcom’s over the top and completely out-there stories.

Lets start with the graphics and presentation and as you may expect from Capcom the graphics are very good, there are some texture problems now and again, but not too often which is great. The games colours are vibrant especially when the city that you’re in goes into the “Limbo Mode” and all the colours come to life.. Wait! I have explained the limbo part of the game yet… The city that the demo is set in is called Limbo City because at the start of the demo when you are walking through it’s all dark, grey, and morbid but when Dante draws attention the city comes to life and starts spawning enemies to kill him, even the city it’s self tries to kill you by caving walls in and collapsing floors under his feet so the level itself is more of an enemy that creatures that lie within.

The game play style in this game is your simple “hack and slash” with one button assigned to each weapon that you have but the cool thing about this game is that it rewards you for doing creative combos, for example; You can smash them into the air, jump up and start slashing them, and finish them off with your dual pistols. It also multiplies your score if you can go through a fight without being hit or taking any damage (it shows you how well you’re doing by having a little grading system in the top right corner of the screen).

I’ll be honest about this game, I did enjoy playing this demo but at the end of the day I could see it getting tedious very quickly. If I were to buy the full game when it comes out, what I would recommend is, if it’s fairly short and the same attacks are in all the fights I would probably wait until it goes down in price or rent it for a week because that’s all the enjoyment that you are going to get out of it.

Overall I would say that it’s a mediocre game because all in all it’s the most generic game that I have played. It’s going to be released at the start of 2013 so come on, games should more sophisticated than this by now. I have to say that is not a good start to the gaming new year, but titles at the start usually aren’t always the strongest and I would only recommend that you buy this if you are a hardcore Devil May Cry fan. I think it’s unacceptable to release a game thats this simplistic at the start of the year where there’s a possibility of the next gen consoles being released, but what do you expect from Capcom? They have ruined a couple of good game series’ in the past three years like Resident Evil, Marvel vs Capcom and now this.. Get it together Capcom, you’re losing your fan base and not forgetting about there business practice of storing DLC on the disc which the up roar of that was at the start of this year with Tekken X Street Fighter.

Do you agree with me? If you do or if you don’t leave a comment I would love to hear your views on this!

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