SnapjoyDropbox, probably one of the top cloud storage services offering little portions of storage if you use their app on a mobile or if you activate instant upload but we’ve never really considered Dropbox to be one amongst the photo sharing services like Picasa or Flickr or even Instagram. Well partially because they’re not, they’re a cloud storage service – idiot. But just recently they’ve been putting fingers in many pies such as acquiring the music streaming service AudioGalaxy and now they’ve grabbed a hold of Snapjoy.

Snapjoy are a photo uploading and sharing service much like the few I mentioned above. Personally I’ve never heard of them, but from the various screen shots dotted about it looks like they’re providing not only a place to store and organize images it also displays them in a neat timeline.

Dropbox is one of my favourites next to Box for cloud storage, but there are limits with both of the services which come in the form of sharing your images like you would with the more popular photo sharing services. It looks like 2013 is going to be a good year for Dropbox, perhaps they’re going to evolve into an all round streaming and sharing service, all they need now is to acquire some sort of movie sharing / streaming service – Vimeo perhaps?

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