Far Cry 3 – Vaas

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Welcome to rook islands, a place where beauty and insanity are one in the same. A dangerous place which will keep you on your toes and where the locals are sure to give you a warm welcome. This is Far Cry 3, you are Jason Brody and this, is your fight, your journey and your mind. With a world full of tasks to undertake and foes to battle, to an underlying quest to find your own sanity, Far Cry 3 is a rollercoaster of a ride. The question is, just how good is it?

Far Cry  firing

There is one thing I’ve felt has been missing from games in the shooter genre recently and that is freedom. We have had ‘open world’ shooters but nothing like Far Cry 3 before. There is so much to do on rook island that you will find it hard to get round to doing the main missions as you’re too busy getting stuck in with everything else. This isn’t to say that the game makes you do side quests, not at all. In fact it’s the other way around. There is just so much fun stuff to do that the main missions will be your second goal throughout your play time. From hunting big game animals to craft new weapon holsters, to climbing radio towers to unlock new maps and weapons, you’ll always be busy. Just make sure you’re always ready for a fight as rook island is a dangerous place.

It’s in the gunplay that your spend most of your time of course, given that Far Cry 3 is a shooter after all. Sure, you can gear up with pistols, assault rifles, light machine guns and even a bow and arrow, but what makes all this stand out is the freedom you have with dealing with fights. Far Cry 3 gives you alot of movement and options to tackle any battle. Most, if not nearly all the game, is open to any method of assault. Sure, there are linear parts here and therefore the use of allowing the story to move forward but even then, it’s still fun. Do you run in all guns firing, sneak in through the hole in the wall, zipline from above or even use your knife and combo up takedowns? It’s up to you and how you want to play.

The shooter does have one problem, and it’s something I feel really lets the game down. Given that the story follows that of Jason and his battle to keep his mind and save his friends. You slowly start to see Jason change as a person as you play through the main missions, more so once you hit the second island. The only issue is that from the second he picks up a gun, he is completely fine with handling it, same with the knife for that matter. It’s an odd thing to point out I know but I feel it takes away from the games experience a bit. You have to learn additional moves such as takedowns, combat skills and healing so why couldn’t there of been an option for guns? Maybe I’m asking for a bit too much of a role playing experience from a shooter. None the less, the guns are awesome and combat is some of the best in a shooter for a long time.

Did I already say that rook island is full of beauty? Well, I mean it. Graphics are something to be taken in with Far Cry 3. The game has some of the most stunning visuals both in game and in menus, making your enjoyment just that little bit sweeter. Having played the PC version of the game as well, I was able to enjoy the graphics to a new level and it’s still shocking just how beautiful the game is. Makes you question your own sanity for seeing beauty in killing people, doesn’t it?

far cry  c   rTalking about Far Cry 3 is hard, as I don’t want to ruin any of the games breathtaking and memorable moments, but I want to make sure you all play it. So I think it’s best to bring this to a close with a few points to remember. Far Cry 3 offers some of the best shooting in a game in recent years, with the freedom to tackle any fight how you want. Be a full on action man or sneaky archer, it’s your call and the game allows you to do just that. With stunning visuals, sound design and a soundtrack you can enjoy, everything just keeps getting better. I would’ve liked a bit more role playing elements to go along side the crafting and skill learning but for what you get, Far Cry 3 does it perfectly. It’s one of the best games I’ve played this year and is worth every minute of your time.

Far Cry 3 is easily one of my top games of 2012 and for me, the best shooters I’ve played in a long time. Oh and one last thing, Vaas is the best game villain, ever.

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This game was played and reviewed on a PC.

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Anthony Lowrey

I agree 200% with this. I’ve hardly put Far Cry 3 down since it first went in my Xbox…