Real Life Fruit Ninja

You may have seen Assassin’s Creed meets Parkour in Real Life, or even Far Cry 3 in Real Life. But nothing will prepare your mind, body and soul for the epic video that is… Fruit Ninja in Real Life!!! Yes you read that right. The hit hand held game has been given that all important Real Life treatment with a hilarious video…With Dubstep.

The game if you’ve been living under a giant watermelon for the past few years is made by Half Brick Studios where your finger becomes a deadly samurai sword, dealing deadly strikes to various fruit! The game has also made it’s way on to Facebook as well as a Kinect version being released onto the XBL marketplace.

I thought I would share this awesome video with you all, and also make sure to check out the channels other videos. They’re all really well shot videos and each have they’re own original music to accompany with them. They even have flying kittens! FLYING KITTENS!!! Go now!

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