Google Apps on the Kindle Fire HD

Now I mentioned in my Kindle Fire HD review that Google apps such as GMail, YouTube, and Google Maps were stripped out of the Android based Amazon OS but that doesn’t mean that they’ll never be on your Kindle, because I’ve got a nifty way to get them!

I’ve done a bit of research and found a SAFE and ROOT FREE way of getting Google Maps, Google Play Music, GMail, the YouTube app, and a few others onto your Kindle Fire HD without the need to root or “hack” your Kindle in any way at all – not only that, they can also be removed as easily as you installed them and there’s no need to factory reset or re-flash or any of that nonsense!

So from what I can work out is that Amazon have removed the Google Framework and Sign In capabilities that allows people to sign into certain apps using their Google credentials. So all we’ll be doing is re-installing the capabilities that allow you to sign in and use those apps.

A quick little FYI. There may be a few moments where it seems like all of your current apps are crashing. This is normal and is possibly down to conflicts due to the new software. Don’t panic this isn’t going to damage anything all you need to do is re-install the apps that keep crashing (I have found that Twitter and eBay apps are the culprits)

What you’ll need:

ES File Explorer (from the app store)
This GoogleApps.rar (It’s about 43MB)

ScreenshotSo here goes, before you do anything you need to download and install ES File Explorer, it’s free and available in the Amazon App Store. Next you’ve got to allow the installation of unknown applications, this may set alarms going off in your head but once you’ve enabled it and then installed the Google apps you can disable this. To do that you drag down the notifications bar, tap “More”, scroll down to “Device” and then located underneath “Date and Time” should be “Allow Installation of Applications”. Turn that on, and you’re all set.

Next you need to open up the GoogleApps.rar file that includes the files needed to get these apps onto your Kindle – This can all be done through your Kindle or if you prefer download onto your PC first and then place the files onto your Kindle that way (you may need to download WinRAR to extract the files. In the GoogleApps.rar file you’ll find Gmail.apk, GoogleChrome.apk GoogleCurrents.apk, GoogleDrive.apk, GoogleLoginService.apk, GoogleMaps.apk GooglePlayMusic.apk , GoogleServicesFramework.apk, GoogleStreetView.apk, and YouTubeHD.apk. The YouTube, Gmail, Google Currents, Google Maps (and all accompanying apps) include Hi-Res logo’s for the Kindle Carousel, but Google Play Music, Chrome, and Drive don’t (see image below). This isn’t an issue for me but for those of you that like your devices to look flawless it might be something you may need to think twice about.

As you can see, the three apps with the low resolution images look a little blurry and stretched.

So now all of those files are on our device we need to open up ES File Explorer and locate the files, if you’ve downloaded the GoogleApps.rar file directly onto your Kindle, ES File Explorer should be able to open it without extracting anything.


First we need to install GoogleLoginService.apk followed by GoogleServicesFramework.apk. Once both of those files have installed you need to shut down and then restart your Kindle.

Once you’ve restarted this is where you’ll start to experience the “blahblah app Has Stopped” issue, don’t panic this is totally normal, just remove and re-install the apps in question before continuing.

Now you can continue to install the Google apps as you did with the previous two .apk files, once they’ve completed you’re all set to go. You shouldn’t run into any issues, I haven’t and I’ve had all of those apps installed for a long time now. If you are having issues or just want to remove everything you’ve done here’s how to do it.

Open up ES File Explorer, go to the App Mgr tab, tap the Category tab, then tap “All” from here you can locate “Google Account Manager” and Google Services Framewook” in the list and uninstall them, do that along with the Google apps you installed and you should be back to normal. If you get anymore “App SHas Stopped” errors, just do as we did before and re-install them.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

A big thanks to abhijitxp on the XDA forums for some of the apps & a brief how-to.

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Aaron, you are a good egg. Thank you so much for sharing your know-how. I can listen to my choons again!