Ever since Apple launched iOS6 and gave the shunt to Google Maps in favour of their own maps application. Since then there have been an abundance of Apple Maps horror stories from towns and cities being in the wrong place (one ended up in the middle of a lake), some roads appearing all skewed and misshapen, and using the turn-by-turn navigation often ended up being fairly life threatening.

googlemapsGood news to those of you who have been holding out for a Google shaped saviour because the internet giant have released their own native maps app for iPhone users. Don’t fret if it’s not available to download just yet as Google are aiming to get it out to everyone within the next few days.

Those of you who haven’t already downloaded the iOS version of Google Maps you can expect to find everything you would have previously on the application such as turn-by-turn navigation, indoor and outdoor street view, 3D view, terrain, and satellite layers are available as well.

At present the iOS Google Maps app doesn’t have the ability to save maps for offline view like the Android version, but hopefully that’ll come along soon!

You can get Google Maps for free, here.

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André C. Santos
André C. Santos

I’m sorry, I usually like all Apple products, but their Maps are simply not ready. Maybe they’ll get there, who knows.