Hairy Tales

One thing I find quite often with puzzle games is that finding the solution is quite linear. There’s one exact way to complete this one puzzle and if it’s not done how it should be, you fail. While the fun of most puzzle games is to find the solution. Sometimes it’s nice when something a little different comes along, and that my friends is Hairy Tales.

HairyTalesHairy Tales is a platform/puzzle game that stars little unshaven characters called The Hairys. The Hairys have been described as “excitable fairy folk” and during the game you must point the way using the various different moveable platforms  in order for The Hairys to get rid of the even black corruption that’s ruining their land.

HairyTalesHairy Tales is quite similar to games like Lemmings where you’re given an objective/end zone and you must work out the best way to get there. At first the levels begin quite simple, you can lay everything out to plan before you send The Hairy on his way, but the further you progress the more on your toes you have to be because this is where things start to get tricky and you’re required to move platforms during play.

Each level requires the player to do several different things; the main objective is to get to the end zone then along the way their are three mushrooms to pick up as well as a huge heavy rock that clears away the corruption – another challenge is to clear away the corruption too.. With the addition of the mushrooms, the crystal rock, and the task of clearing the corruption, it requires a little more thought than just making a path to the end zone and then poking The Hairy with your mouse.

HairyTalesThe developers Arges Systems have not only revived a classic fast paced puzzler style of game play, but they’ve put a lot of thought into creating a more sandbox way of completing levels the way the player see’s fit. Though their can be quite linear solutions to some levels, it’s also possible to revisit a level later down the line and come up with a completely new solution. Along side the gameplay, the developers have worked well to create a superb looking environment that’s both great to look at, but also has a classic RPG style look to it with a cartoony twist.

Overall this game has everything a puzzle game needs; like cooky characters, challenging levels, humor, a sense of creativity when trying to complete levels, and with over 70 levels spread across 3 unique worlds, for £2.99 it’s cheap too!

You can get Hairy Tales on Desura for £2.99 or on iOS for £0.69


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