Happy Wars

Finally! An online multiplayer game that doesn’t involve shooting other people in the face! I’m getting a little bored of games that just have “shoot another person” as the main objective. I love this game it’s new, refreshing, charming and it’s free to play! That’s because this is Xbox’s first stab at the free to play model and it’s a good start.

This game is a breath of fresh air from the over top nature of Call of Duty and Halo, it’s still over the top but this is over top in a different way. It’s absolutely mental! You can customise your character with outrageous armour and weapons such as having a pig face for a shield and fish for a sword. The presentation of this game not realistic, nor does it need to be, it’s cartoony and colourful and it makes me feel relaxed when I play this game. All the levels are varied and not just bright happy colours, some levels are dark and have lava pits that you have to watch out for because enemies will try to knock you into them, or on other levels they will send you plunging to your death off of cliffs.

HappywarsThe game play is your simple hack and slash controls but it’s not just about hacking your enemies to bits, you have to work as a team and use tactics to defeat your enemies and take their castle. You have several abilities assgned to each button and when you level up during battles you unlock more special attacks! For example; For the Warrior class, when you level up you may get a new ability for the A button to do a spin attack for the to get through a handful of enemies. The game mode that you play with has up to 30 players in one game, this reminds me of the style of the Star Wars Battlefront series due to the several towers throughout the map which you have secure and build, which serve as spawning points on different parts of the map, this reminded me of the command post objectives in Battlefront which has the same principle in this game, because if you don’t destroy the enemies tower within their castle the game is judged on how many towers each teams control.

The Warrior:


There are three classes that you can choose from in the game. The first and generic class that you can pick is The Warrior, this is suited to the player that just like to slash the hell out of other players, they are the bulk of your defence and offence because they will be the ones that are in front line trying to storm through the castle gates and destroy the main tower. You can customise them with some basic armour such as helmets and all your standard medieval and fantasy games. My character has a weird but funny helmet which looks like an opened tin can on his and all you can see his eyes through his little slot – hilarious!

The Cleric: 

hwclericThe Clerics main role in the game is that he is the back bone of the team because this guy who going to be keeping you and your team alive. They can do a range of spells and summons and they will be responsible for healing your team mates HP and if you are down but not dead yet waiting to respawn they can bring back into battle which is a great way to keep the battle flowing. So you will need several of these guys on your team in heated battle. The cleric is good for defence because say if the other team has breached your castle or they are trying to get across a bridge and there is only one way across, the cleric can summon a wall to block the enemy so they have to waste time by breaking through that wall. They can also summon materials so you can build objects such as a ballista, battering rams or bombs that roll towards your opponents.

The Mage:

hwmageAs you can tell with the name of this class you’ll be doing a lot of magic against your enemies, this class is useful because they specialise in long range attacks so a good tactic with this class is to have several mage’s stay back while your warriors go in and take the tower, then you pound them with fireballs, lighting strikes, and all sorts of powerful attacks. There are four attributes that they have which are Fire, Wind, Ice and Lightning and each of these will affect the enemy differently for example lightning can used for stunning you opponents.

Overall I think that this is a good first at a free to play game and I’m glad that consoles are almost heading in the direction of the PC but the PC will always be one step a head of consoles in my opinion, any way this is a great game and I urge you to play it. What’re you waiting for it’s free so you have no excuse.


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