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Agent 47 is back in his sharp suit and blood red tie for another installment of the series after six years and t his time Agent 47 has gone rouge! At the beginning of the game you are tasked with the contract of killing your old handler Diana Burnwood because she betrayed the agency by leaking files and all that stuff. When 47 takes the shot she tells him to look after a special child called Victoria and to not let her get into the agency’s hands because they want to turn her into an assassin.

Lets start with the presentation of the game, I must say that they are fantastic because you’ll see that a great detail has been put hitman picinto all the characters even down to when it’s raining you can see that they are wet or  when the character’s are sweating same thing happens. The presentation stands out the most when you are in a crowded market or an arena and when you are escaping the police in a crowded and locked down train station, you can take advantage of the big crowds to hide from your them or take down your targets from a distance with a throwing knife and after you have killed them you can silently slip away.

The Gameplay is smoother compared to other titles in the series games because if you got caught in Hitman games before this one, gunfights where very awkward because there was not a cover system.The difference in this game, when you get caught up in a shootout (not recommended), it plays like a well oiled third person shooter, but you can get overwhelmed by your enemies because like in stealth games such as Metal Gear Solid when you get caught they will call for back up and you will have no option but to run. I would recommend playing this game as cautiously as you can and be a silent assassin because the game keeps score on each mission and will reward generously if you can your target or targets without being spotted but if you kill people that are not targets you will get a penalized with a minus score.

The main weapons that you will use are the Fibre Wire and your Silver Ballers, but the game encourages you to improvise wherever possible. In most circumstances you have to use the environments to take down your target, one example was when one of my targets was doing his business in an ally way, I had rigged a generator to electrocute him when his golden shower hit the wall. Tactics like this are perfect because it will look like an accident to everyone else and they will not suspect your presence in the area. You can also use objects to distract guards from door ways that they are blocking or if they are looking out a window that you can climb through, but these objects can also be used as weapons such as a pair of scissors you can throw at their heads and kill them.

One of the main features that has been in the Hitman series from the start is the ability to change your hitman picclothes and walk around in restricted areas so you can get close to your target. For example I used a chief’s outfit to get close to a target in China town near the start of the game and blended behind a sushi counter, took my target down with a knife and no one suspected a thing.

The one flaw that I can say about this game is that when I first played it there’s the occasional crash at the beginning when you press start and it will freeze when it comes up. This means that it’s auto saving, fortunately they have fixed it, but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Another thing is if you want the true Hitman experience play it on hard or above because the game is not very challenging on easy or normal in my opinion. One more flaw is that the enemies when they engage you in shooting (if you get caught) they just shoot at the wall that you are standing behind as if they have an endless supply of ammunition.. Besides those flaws it’s an excellent game and is a nice change in pace from over the top games like Call of Duty and Halo, this game is all about taking your time and observe your enemies like a real assassin, it took me about twenty hours to finish so it’s a really good length, go out and buy it as it’s currently on offer at the moment!

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