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If reading about what everyone is up to at every minute of the day wasn’t enough, we then had the ability to share our Instagram snaps to Facebook showing everyone that pretty flower or delicious cream cake we’ve eaten, if that wasn’t too annoying we also could mention the abilities to Tag people in photo’s (something that I often get happening to me accidentally thanks to my alphabetic first name) and posts. Facebook have enabled a new Photo Sync feature to Facebook giving people the option to “Get Started” or “Cancel”.

Photo Sync isn’t the unusual feature, in fact it’s a great feature for apps like Drop Box or Ubuntu One or any other cloud storage service. What it’s not a great feature for is the most popular social network in the world that’s a little accident prone with it’s “privacy”.


Those of you who opt into Photo Sync for Facebook will have every single photo that you take upload straight to Facebook without any input from yourself. That means every awkward snapshot you take of yourself, every blurry picture of your cat, even those ‘private’ photo’s you plan on sending to a certain someone, will be uploaded directly to Facebook in the background completely automatically.

Okay, it’s not quite as extreme as that, they’re all uploaded to a private folder for which you decide to share at a later point in time (or right after you’ve taken the picture) giving you the ability to take snaps on your mobile but then edit a description via your laptop or desktop PC, or share several pictures at the same time to save, well.. time!

Facebook will also be taking all of the metadata from each of the photo’s you post, along with adding more faces to their facial recognition feature, and grabbing your geolocation to  throw some local adverts at you.. That aside my main issue with the Photo Sync feature is how ‘private’ will the photo folder actually be? May I remind you about Facebook’s previous mishaps with certain privacy issues such as the recent posting of peoples private messages on their wall..

What’re your thoughts on the Facebook Photo Sync feature?

(Image Source: TechCrunch)

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