Late Tuesday night I was happily browsing twitter when I came across something that made my blood boil. Windows Phone a had sent out several tweets that were digging at Androids apparent vulnerability to malware. The tweets that started it all read:



Yep, its that time of year again where Microsoft tries to get in with the big boys by, well.. insulting them? It never really worked for me in school, Microsoft would have probably ended up with a black eye or two if this were real life, and Microsoft were in school.. Anyway, things didn’t go too well for @windowsphone, if anything it did a full 360 and totally back fired with many users pointing out the many faults that the Windows desktop OS has and others pointing out Androids many successes over the years, Android Central got in on the action setting off some right cracking come backs.(right)

Like all good twitter campaigns offering free things or in this case ‘get-well’ presents you had your fair share of kiss ups and people with ‘genuine’ droidrages. I say ‘genuine’ but this is what really got my back up. Below I’ll add some of my favourite #DroidRage tweets, some of which were absolutely hilarious, others just down right dumb.

I’d love to hear if you’ve had a genuine DroidRage malware issue, just leave a comment below!


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Anthony Lowrey
Anthony Lowrey

Never had a problem with Android! I just wanna point out that when Windows XP was first released, they forgot to add a shut down button, and ended up making it available to download, after the user had to pay for it. 

André C. Santos
André C. Santos

Unfortunately, this is a common tactic by Microsoft. Nothing new. It didn’t work in the past, why would it work now? It won’t. iOS and Android grow, everything else is going down. Windows Phone, good or bad, will not even be a close third.