Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The new update for minecraft xbox 360 edtion is to arrive on the 19th of December and here’s all of the new features that’ll be in this new update.


  • Enchantments
  • Experience points (Obviously for enchanting)
  • Mushroom Biomes
  • Nether fortress
  • NPC villagers
  • Snow Golems
  • Breeding
  • Potion brewing

minecraftenchantEnchantments; This is were you can enhance your weapons, tools and armour to make more resistant or to make them more powerful on attacks, how you do this is by gaining experience points, how do you gain experience points?  By killing enemies or animals of course! once you’ve killed a creeper or zombie you’ll see little green orbs coming out of them as they die and it will fill up your XP bar, there’s also a number to indicate what level of experience you are.

Potion Brewing is like you would expect in any RPG game that you have played like The Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age, that each potion will give you enhanced abilities, for example off the top of my head you can make a potion for damage resistance, as a result of taking the potion you will take less damage when you are attacked.

pigsinloveAnother new addition to this update is the ability to breed animals, giving you the abilityto farm them for food and XP points, not only that and you will get baby animals (aww that’s cute) that you’ll have to feed to make them grow up big and strong. This will enhance the experience and it will make you keep an eye on your home base to make sure that your animals do not get killed by creepers and zombies.

This will be a good enhancement to game and will keep all you Xbox 360 players occupied up to Christmas especially if you’re bored with all your games! What’s your opinion on the Xbox Edition? Do you think that it might soon out shine the PC version? Leave a comment and let us know!

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I cannot wait to start my army of pigs now!