If there’s something that the iPhone lacks it’s the ability for the user to be notified without the need for annoying or loud notification sounds. Okay, you’ve got vibrate but that’s not always an option if you’ve whacked it on silent. But that aside even with notification sounds, unless you set several different tones for each app notification and text message alert you’re probably unsure what you’ve received without having to pick up your phone.

myledThis is where myLED comes in to help. With myLED you can see what notification you’ve received without the need for different notification sounds and even if your iPhone or iPad is on silent you’ll be able to see what you’ve got thanks to the blinking LED on this little device. Excellent!

myledThe guys behind myLED are currently holding a Kickstarter campaign to raise $18,000 to get this little jack input onto our iPhones and iPads. It fits seamlessly with each device almost to the point where you don’t notice it until it goes off. If you plan on using your headphones with myLED, because the device uses the headphone jack your device will come with a handy headphone clip where you can place the myLED while you’re using your headphones – the whole point of myLED is to notify you of phone activity while you were away.

The main ambition behind the project stems from devices that BlackBerry and HTC have on offer having a flashing LED that notifies the user at a glance that they’ve got a notification, something that iPhones and iPads (and a few Android phones) don’t have.

Unfortunately for now, the guys behind myLED are having issues with getting the device to work with text messages, but that’t not really an issue is it? Well, they’re working on it anyway. Currently myLED works for Calls, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype with many more apps in the works.

The Kickstarter campaign, if funded, should hopefully help with getting the device manufactured, packaged and available to us the consumer.

myledmyLED looks like a fantastic little device to remove the frustration of checking for notifications every minute or so when we’re expecting something, it’s non intrusive and also makes your iPhone look like a tiny ambulance – ahem..

Check out the myLED Kickstarter campaign here.

Those of you who own Android devices that also don’t have the little LED light like most HTC phones can get a free app called noLED, it works pretty much the same way but instead of a little device for your headphone jack, it utilises the screen and displays little dots or icons depending on your preference.

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