Thomas Was Alone

As someone who plays way to many games, it was rather hard to make my top five list. However, after looking back at the amount of time spent with each game and the level of enjoyment I had with each one, I have my list.

Please note that I’m a PC gamer and thus, all of my top games are PC releases. Titles in no set order.

thomaswasaloneThomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone is a small indie game created by Mike Bithell and released early this year. It’s a platformer where you take control of ‘Thomas’, a small red rectangular figure and a range of different friends along the way. It’s a sweet and charming game that is worth every minute of your time and has a great voice over done by the ‘King’ Danny Wallace. The whole time I was playing Thomas Was Alone I honestly cared about the little shapes as they continued with their mission. It’s stunning just how a simple idea with a great story can really make a game stand out. It’s a must play.

BorderlandsBorderlands 2

When it comes to sequels there is a lot that can go wrong. For Borderlands 2 however it did everything right. Building on the already successful gameplay of the first game, Borderlands 2 added a range of new content and addressed a lot of the issues with the first one. Oh, and dubstep. With a lot, and I mean a lot of guns and a cast of memorable characters, Borderlands 2 was one of the most enjoyable games I played in 2012. It’s just goes to show that a shooter doesn’t have to copy Call of Duty to be successful. As a matter of fact, Borderlands 2 has gone down so well, the developers are talking about creating even more DLC in 2013. I for one, look forward to this.


In short, Dishonored is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played and I mean that. Sure it was shorter than most players would’ve liked and the non-lethal options were lacking but in all the game is a groundbreaking example of perfect game design. To me, Dishonored with it’s beautiful visual style, memorable characters, stunning sound design and a story and world to lose yourself in is just the type of game we need more of in today’s market. Dishonored is me what Deus Ex was to many. As a matter fact I would as far as to say that Dishonored is the first game to do right what Deus Ex did back in 2000. Also, it’s rare I play over a game more than once. To date, I’ve completed Dishonored about five times and plan to play more. Case and Point.

Far Cry  TitleFar Cry 3

If you haven’t already, check out my review of Far Cry 3 and your understand why it’s on this list. To quickly sum up the review Far Cry 3 is hands down the best shooter I’ve played in many years. It’s a game full of beauty, violence and insanity along with some of the best gameplay found in any shooter to date. It offers more to the player in enjoyment than most shooters and really allows you to handle any encounter the way you want. From sneaking in with a bow and arrow under the cover of night to running in with an RPG. It’s your choice.

darksoulsDark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

This last game was a hard choice as there was many others I would’ve liked to put on this list but simply put, Dark Souls just has me coming back for more. It’s one of the hardest and most annoying games I’ve ever played but that is why I love it. From it’s true RPG style and hardcore gameplay and difficulty level, it’s sure to drive you insane. But this is why it’s so refreshing to play. No game has made me so angry yet so driven to beat it. All the mistakes, all the defeats are your own fault. The game is never unfair. It’s for that reason that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is on this list.

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Nice list! 

Thomas was alone, sounds pretty good, ill give it a try later.


too many games to play…on my list.
But sure these ones make a deal with anyone’s preferences.
Max Payne 3
Mark of The NinjaRocketbirds

Nikholai Koolonavich

Thomas Was Alone is releasing on PS3 soon :)