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So as I’m sure you all will of seen, Aaron has made a list up of his Top 5 games of 2012, which you can read here. I thought I would throw into the mix with my Top 5 too. Mine is better though, as I have decided to be brave and list mine in order. so lets get started.
Assassins Creed 1) Assassin’s Creed 3 – I know what you’re all thinking. “What a shock Ollie has gone and chosen Assassin’s Creed as number one” and I say yes! yes I did. The newest addition to the Ubisoft franchise was much anticipated by many people including me and by gosh was it worth the wait. The game takes a completely new assassin and a completely new setting and does what they do best: Great story line, amazing visual, lots to do and this time around you can pet dogs in the street! (cows, pigs, goats, sheep, turkey’s and chickens are also available). In the game you take control the new protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton or Connor Kenway as he’s more popularly known. A young man born half Mohawk and half British. The game leads with a twist from the offset (If you’ve played the game you know what I speak of), and then you assume control of Connor at the age of 5 progressing through his childhood to the age of 14 where he meets with Master Assassin Achilles Davenport who is tasked with training Connor to become an assassin. As Connor you play a pivotal in the American Revolutionary War, facing enemies such as Charles Lee, John Pitcairn & William Johnson. This game truly revitalised the franchise as I think, as much as people loved Ezio they were a bit bored of his expansion pack like games. If Assassin’s Creed 3 looks like the game for you why not read a brief history of the franchise here so that you’re up to speed on the goings on within the Brotherhood.

Minecraft Xbox  Edition 2) Minecraft: XBOX 360 Edition – The hit block breaking, structure making sand-box classic came to the Xbox 360 on 9th May 2012 and was a hit right out the blocks. The 360 version was released based on an early PC beta version of the game with updates following much like when the game was originally released on PC. I loved the game on my PC and thought what better way to enjoy it than with friends on the Xbox, it turned out none of my friends actually had the game so that was that. None the less I carried on building and digging, making a shelter from those blasted creepers (see what I did there, blasted). The game came under alot of fire from fans of the PC version with thoughts such as the new crafting system, which in my eyes is simpler and in all fairness makes the whole process alot faster. I think the game wasn’t just for fans of the original PC players but was a way for Mojang to widen their fan base. For instance, my brother – he thought that the PC version was terrible (he didn’t really give it much of a chance) but once he played split screen on the Xbox found it really fun, and would often borrow my hard drive so that he could play on it with his friends. I think the Xbox version is best enjoyed with friends online as the ease of voice chat makes it alot more sociable. My only wish for ‘Minecraft 360’, and I may get alot of fan-boy hate for this, is that they introduce Tekkit into it eventually.

photo 3) EpicMealTime – What you know about iOS Game!?! EpicMealTime is up there with some of my favorite things after Assasin’s Creed, Bacon and more Bacon. One of YouTube’s most popular channels and probably the best online cooking show EpicMealTime has been around since October 2010 and since then has gone from strength to strength. This year they released the iOS game which I’ve placed 3rd in my top 5 for the simple reason that you can pick up and put down at any time, anywhere. Waiting for the queue to go down at the Post Office? EpicMealTime, Lunch break at work? EpicMealTime. That’s the beauty of the game you can play it anywhere, it takes no setting up and can even be played with one hand, because lets face it – when you have a fist full of bacon it’s difficult to play a touch screen game. The games basic rules follow just like their YouTube videos, Eat as mush of the good stuff e.g. bacon, burgers and pizza and avoid the nasty veggies, using power-ups to give you a helping hand. You assume control of The Sauce Boss on his quest to fill the fat and calorie counter to gain point. So what are you waiting for? I can guarantee that if you play this game you will become 78% more manly and 27.43% more popular with women. Just kidding, but it does helps.

carmageddon logo 4) Carmageddon – A game originally released back in 1997 but came back to life with a re-boot to iOS and certain Android phone’s all the back in October. The game was released for free but now costs £1.49 and suffered some problems when first released. All saved data’s would be wiped if you skipped the opening video, This happened to me countless times until it eventually was patched and peace in the world world was restored. The game is very much like the 1997 classic with 3 different ways to complete a ‘race’: the boring way was to do the amount of laps desired by following from one checkpoint to another. My favorite way was to destroy every other car until you were last man or women standing! Or there was the very difficult one of knocking down a specified number of pedestrians, who knew they could move so quick. The game itself is very basic. There’s no fancy graphics, not alot of sound to keep you ears tantalized. But that doesn’t matter because what the game is, is a flash-back to fun games that don’t take themselves to seriously. There’s alot of races to do and if you wanted to complete every race with each type of completing style ticked off it would take quite a bit of time. Again, another fun game that can be casually played and has a nice nostalgic feel about it.

Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit 5) Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit – Now this game I was most surprised made it onto my list, not because it was bad but because it was such a nice surprise, A game where you control the rabbit prince of the underworld, Ash. On a personal vendetta after his ‘personal’ photo’s do the rounds in hell. With his trusty ‘drill jet-pack thingy’ Ash seeks revenge on 100 monster as to restore his name as a bad ass rabbit. The side scrolling game is made by SEGA and was featured at Eurogamer this year. As Ash you must travel through 10 lands to find all the monster, and kill them in quite frankly dramatic and colorful ways. The game is a visually stunning game which might sound hard to believe saying as it’s set in hell, but there’s something happening everywhere in the game. You can custom Ash with funny little things such as hat’s like Indiana Jones, his drill can be turned into rubber ducks (Ash loves his rubber ducks). You can also purchase ammo and new weapons to accompany the drill. Weapons include a machine gun, a rocket launcher and even a grenade launcher which packs a hefty punch. Hell Yeah! is available on the XBL Arcade, PlayStation Network and on PC Download.

What do you think of my Top 5 Games of 2012? Is there something missing from the list or do you agree? Let me know in the comments below


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