Quiet, Christmas

quiet christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and all you want to do is go to bed and wake up on Christmas to open your presents, but it’s just too noisy, it’s too cold, and your little brother won’t go to bed until his stocking is hanging up! Well, that’s the story behind Quiet, Christmas; A new Quiet, Please game from Nostatic Software.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Quiet, Please series let me fill you in! Quiet, Please is a retro 8-bit style game where you play as a little girl who just wants to go to bed but everything in the house is stopping you from falling into that much needed slumber. You have to navigate your way about the house solving a series of point and click style puzzles in order to put the house to sleep as it were, this is done by collecting certain items that have been hinted at by family members or are just plain obvious.

ScreenshotQuiet, Christmas is pretty much the same as Quiet, Please apart from the obvious Christmas themed tasks you’re required to do before you can go to bed. The neighbors crappy garden lights and annoying inflatable “Ho Ho Ho-ing” Santa are keeping you up, your mother can’t go to sleep without wrapping the final present, and your annoying little item stealing brother can’t go to bed until his stocking is hung, his last present is under the tree, and there’s milk and cookies left out for Santa.

ScreenshotThe simplicity of this game is what made it for me, though it’s somewhat quite challenging it’s not too overly complicated like a lot of point and click games. It took me around 30 minutes to complete but probably less for those of you who realize that the door to the garage is in the living room.. It was ridiculously easy to pick-up and play and though there’s not much of an in game narrative it was relatively easy to work out what you had to do from the various hints dotted around the house.

If you’re not already in the Christmas spirit then you’re obviously a Grinch and you need to go away – but before you do, buy this game on iTunes or Google Play for £0.69!


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