Watch those pud’s Santa!

Old Saint Nick is in trouble! A disgruntled Elf has stolen all the presents! It’s time to man the sleigh and guide those reindeer. Santa Saves Christmas.

Santa Saves Christmas

Picture the scene, 24th December and Santa is getting ready to deliver presents to all the little boys and girls around the world. When suddenly a unhappy elf named Ernie decides he’s had enough, he steals all the present in his helicopter and makes his escape. Whilst flying over the roof tops Ernie decides to throw all the presents out of his ‘copter leaving Santa to pick them all up. With his trusty sleigh and reindeer you must help the jolly fat man collect as many presents as possible. Easy as it may sound, the route is littered with explosive Christmas puddings, fireworks, thunder clouds and even Ernie and his helicopter! Avoid these at all cost if you want your reindeer to survive the perilous flight. Help is at hand though! Carrots will give your reindeer a speed boost helping you collect as many presents as possible before your reindeer’s ‘fuel’ runs out. But again there’s a solution, in the form of the delicious candy canes, collect them to replenish the fuel gauge and keep the flight going!

Santa Saves ChristmasThe game is beautifully simple, just touch and hold to lift the sleigh and then you let go to descend, Much like the classic game ‘Copter’ (we all know the one). The game looks really good too, the little town below you has houses with lights on and Christmas trees outside twinkling away whilst the the foreground you have snow covered roofs and tree tops to provide a something else to maneuver over. The music playing in game is delightfully festive and add that extra festive cheer to the game.

There is no tutorial to the game, just a short opening video and then the main menu. I liked that there was no tutorial or tips, you start terrible and once you start to get the hang of it and find the rhythm of how the sleigh moves you’re home dry. A master of the sleigh!

The game is available on iOS – Santa Saves Christmas. And on Google Play here. And if you feel like you could help Santa Save Christmas follow us on twitter @n3rdabl3 as we’ll be giving away 5 codes for the game very soon!

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