Spellwood Wizard

battle iSpellwood, a game not my usual choice. But by golly am I glad I’ve played it! Developed by Three Rings Design. The single player game is set in the magical city of Spellwood where you take control of your little word wizard and travel from tower to tower battling other spelling superstars. As you can can expect the higher you get in the tower the harder you advisory. Each magic dual has different parameters which put a completely different twist on each duel. Each player has a total of ‘Health Points’ at the beginning of each game, and to defeat your enemy you must create the best point totaling word possible, this may not be the most elaborate word, as words such as ‘zoo’ when placed in the right place can be a very dangerous. Use added bonus’ to change letters, place a double letter tile down or even restore lost health points.

Your player can be named and have certain items changed to add a devastating effect to you spells such as change his little hat to provide with extra damage per word and wands that lower the damage your opponent does to you. The game also features multiplayer where you can play friends through Game Center or Facebook Connect. I think the only I could suggest to make the multiplayer side of the game better would be to have a ‘Pass and Play’ type multiplayer where two friends can use one device to battle each other, It would give the game a little bit extra life in my opinion.

camp iOriginally I had planned to get my girlfriend to help me with this review as this game is something she would download without a seconds hesitation. And when I presented her the game she was enthralled rather fast, She had a small go on the levels I had already completed and she did it with the greatest of ease. I then continued on my quest to become the best wizard in Spellwood when I was faced with a rather difficult opponent. The game was near the end and I had two tiles that would of slain my enemy. And what was it? – ‘zoo’ worth about 12 points, my opponent had a 3 point protection but it was still enough to defeat them. But alas, my girlfriend declared “I have a better word!” and snatched the phone from my grip and chose ‘have’ worth 4 points then minus 3, you do the maths as to how many points I removed from him. He cast a spell of a large point count and defeated me. And that’s why my girlfriend didn’t help with this review.

Spellwood is a great game for all ages and is available on iOS here and Google Play here both for £1.49 my only advice is if you think you can win, don’t let anybody else try and ‘make’ a better word.

Are you in the same boat as me, is Spellwood a game you wouldn’t normally go for? Let me know what you think of the game if you’ve played it in the comments below? Would you like to see a local multiplayer?

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