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iPhone appThe iPhone 5 is this years must have phone and with it come a whole host of apps to download, from games to guides and everything else in between, phones are more than just a call maker nowadays. They’re a tool to keep you connected to the world and keep the world around you ticking.

I think everyone would agree that without their phone a large chunk of their lives would come to a grinding halt. It’s safe to say the iPhone and all the apps that come with it have become massively integrated into our lives. The iPhone 5 was released September this year (2012) and has rocketed in sales since, boasting to be the thinnest, lightest and fastest iPhone to date. Pre-Orders of the phone showed to be the highest so far for Apple, details of which can be found here from the BBC.

Almost anything can be done on the 4 inch screen of the iPhone, from booking tickets for a flight to buying a tea set on eBay. The possibilities are endless! Before smart phones people would be forced to do the things we mentioned in what now is the ‘old-fashioned’ way, either by using a computer or even using a telephone! (yeah, imagine) Turn on that PC, wait for the Dial-Up to connect and then do the task in hand. Now I’m not saying that you can’t still use your laptop or computer to do all these things but we all know whilst you’re sitting watching whatever is on the television and you suddenly remember that you forgot to order your mothers birthday present which is in a weeks time, you can just load up the Amazon app and order her a nice new rolling pin (what she always wanted). It’s that easy a few details, and a PayPal payment later you’re order is on its way.

iphoneWe live in a social world where knowing what friends and family are doing is easier than ever. Facebook is the worlds largest social networking site and connects more than 1 Billion users worldwide and ever since going mobile so has everyone’s lives. Keep up with your favorite celebrities on Twitter or even follow your favorite game & technology site. Photos on the go that can be shared with the world using the power of instagram. For a full run through of the iPhone 5’s photography skill why not read Stuart Bland’s write up here.

If you think your life could do with a bit more organization and you want it hand held and fast, there’s still time to pick up the iPhone 5 before Christmas. Why not try the Carphone Warehouse, they have different options from upgrading your old phone to even getting a sim free iPhone.

Could you live without your iPhone or other smartphone? How much of your life relies on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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