Star Wars Bounty Hunter 3

A Long Time Ago On A Console Far Far Away…

Star Wars Bounty Hunter

Yes that’s right! It’s Star Wars time on Throwback Thursday! Now cast your minds back to 2002, Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones came out and with the film came a game, a game that I played over and over again! Even though there was no free-roam. That game was Star Wars Bounty Hunter, you play as master bounty hunter and all-round bad ass, Jango Fett. The game is the prelude to Attack of the Clones and gives the player an insight on how Jango was chosen to be the template for the Clone Army, as well as how he acquired ‘Slave I’.

Jango Fett is given the task of hunting down and killing Komari Vosa, after she threatens the plans of Count Dooku and Darth Sidous. The game has 18 levels spreading over 6 different worlds including Coruscant, Malastare and Tatooine. In each level there is a main objective aswell as a secondary bounty, which will state how much the target is worth dead or alive. As well as hunting people there are collectible within the levels that unlock character cards and a Jango Fett based comic book. After each chapter is completed the player would unlock ‘outakes’ from the game, featuring funny bloopers normally with Jango making a mistake with his ‘lines’.

Star Wars Bounty HunterAs Jango you have access to his entire arsenal, including his classic duel blasters, the wrist mounted flamethrower, jet pack rockets as well as the jet pack itself. You need to use all of the weapons available to defeat or capture your targets. I think the only down point about this game was that the missions were repetitive. It was either chase someone or find someone, kill or capture them.

The reason I chose Bounty Hunter for this weeks Throwback was in preparation for Star Wars 1313. A new Star Wars game expected release sometime in 2013, This game revisits Bounty Hunters as you navigate the criminal underworld of Coruscant.

And so ends our trip down memory lane. Did you own Star Wars Bounty Hunter on the PS2 or Gamecube back in the day?  Let me know in the comments below of what you liked and disliked about this awesome game.


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