Instagram vs Twitter


Those of you who are avid Twitter and Instagram users may have noticed that Instagram pictures haven’t been showing up as they used to in our Twitter feeds. That’s because as of Wednesday Instagram had given the shunt to Twitter and disabling the “Cards” functionality that enables us to see the image without having to visit the Instagram users profile.

Some say that this is the beginning of the photo war between Facebook owned Instagram and Twitter’s own photo posting service, first we had Instagram adding new Facebook-esque profile pages to the used-to-be mobile only photo sharing service and now Instagram giving Twitter the cold shoulder!

Twitter are striking back though with the soon-to-be introduced photo filter effects that’ll be available within the mobile app hopefully before the end of the year! We’ve seen a couple of previews of moody black and white pictures from Twitter Chairman Jack Dorsey’s own Twitter feed. (Link)

So what photo sharing app/service will you stick to? Instagram or Twitter? Let us know in the comments?

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