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I love Angry Birds, and I also love casual movie tie ins on the App Store. Now as I was casually browsing the App Store on Monday I was greeted with the sight of Angry Birds Rio free for this week. I downloaded it, but it into my Angry Birds folder and played Temple Run 2

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I eventually played Angry Birds Rio somewhat 5 minutes after Temple Run and I loved it, kind of. Now we all know what Angry Birds is and why they’re so angry, it’s those Pigs. And what does Angry Birds Rio miss out? – Pigs. The birds and the pigs are like Ying & Yang, Salt & Pepper or Simon & Garfunkel. You just can’t have one without the other. The story this time involves our favorite feathered friends being caged and flown to Rio and dumped in a warehouse along with a massive amount of other tropical birds. The objective of the game is still to smash until you win, but this time you’re smashing birds out of their cages rather than pigs into the ground.

The visuals of Rio are very nice to look at, you can tell there is that Brazilian Carnival flair to it. I didn’t actually see the film when it was released in 2011 but I enjoy the game just as much as the next person. I feel you don’t necessarily need to of seen the film to enjoy the game, as the game is as always with any Angry Birds title a pick up and play game, a casual one where it doesn’t need your full attention unlike a console title. Play it whilst your waiting for the bus and once you’ve bought your ticket just unlock your phone and continue where you left off.

Angry Birds Rio ForrestAs I said Angry Birds Rio is free this week on iTunes and is also available on Android here, also free this week.

The Angry Birds franchise is forever growing from A galaxy far, far away all the way to The Bad Piggies having their own game. It’s become one of the most if not the most popular game franchises around today.

Have you got a favorite Angry Birds Game? Is their something you would like Rovio to do next with the Birds? Let me know in the comments below.

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