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With the holiday season now gone by those of you who were lucky to get their hands on a Nexus 7, or Nexus 10, may be looking for apps to further your experience with the device. Well I’m here to help. The following is a list of apps that I personally feel are great additions to your app collection. This list is designed as a starting point, so don’t just take my word, make sure you explore the Google Play store.


Flipboard: Your News Magazine

Flipboard is a great way to view new and trending content from around the web and social feeds in a beautiful and easy to manage way. Flipboard allows you to build the content that interests you as well as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds. Along wIth a magazine layout it’s easy to find and enjoy all these topics and simplify your daily reading. Flipboard is your magazine to create how you wish.

Find it on Google Play here.



As far as to-do lists go, I’ve had my hands on a range of them but Wunderlist is one that stands out from the rest. Having just been updated to Wunderlist 2, it’s now packing a range of useful features to help you keep proactive with your work and to-do’s. With a beautiful design, recurring tasks, subtasks, reminders, social collaboration and more, Wunderlist is a great productivity tool.

Find it on Google Play here.


Google Drive

Google Drive is a great and free way to upload, create and sync up to 5GB of files for use online and offline on Android and web. From creatine word documents, presentations and spreadsheets, Google Drive also allows you to upload a view a range of file formats from pictures to PDF and even video. Google Drive is Google Docs with additional storage that’s always synced.

Find it on Google Play here.



As far as apps go for creating the same experience you have on your desktop, StumbleUpon does a fantastic. Continue to explore and discover with the easiest way to find new content from all across the web. The StumbleUpon app continues to build on the already enjoyable web service. It’s fast, simple and effective designed. For those of you who like to browse the web this app is for you.

Find it on Google Play here.



Having recently just been updated to include support for tablets, the official Tumblr app is a must have. Everything you could want is right there and easy to find with a clean and simple interface, allowing for a true tumblr experience. With easy viewing and uploading, your find yourself spending more time on Tumblr with the app on your device.

Find it on Google Play here.


The ever popular Skype is available on your Android devices and you would be silly not to have this beauty installed. With the front facing camera of most devices these days, Skype is the easiest way to keep in touch with the people who matter. With all the features of the desktop version you won’t miss a moment with Skype for Android.

Find it on Google Play here.

Audio TennisAudiotennis

Audioteenis is a free and fun way to play tennis where you control the paddle with your voice. It’s a simple game but a great way to relax and work that voice of yours. It’s fun, silly and enjoyable. Just make sure you warn others around you before you start yelling at your device.

Find it on Google Play here.

AirdroidAir Droid

Want an easy way to manage your Android device without having to worry about cables? With Air Droid all you need is a Wifi connection and your favorite web browser. It’s easy, fast and secure to access and manage your device from the web with easy to follow steps and a range of useful tools in a desktop like environment. You can even send and receive SMS messages from your phone right in your browser.

Find it on Google Play here.

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Pixlr ExpressPixlr Express

With a full range of photo editing tools and options to complete personalize your photos, Pixlr Express is powerful and simple. Even with only the front facing camera of the Nexus 7 Pixlr Express is still a great tool to have if you want to make some quick edits on the move and publish to your social networks when you’re done.

Find it on Google Play here.
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The growing success of Spotify now reaches your Android device allowing you to carry all your favorite music with you both online and offline. The app does however require you to have a Spotify Premium account but, by just trying the app you get a 48 hour trial allowing you to stream and download your favorite playlists. The Spotify app may need you to pay a monthly fee but I personally believe it’s totally worth it for the option to take your music offline and around with you. If not that, at least give the 48 hour trial a go.

Find it on Google Play here.

That’s it for this current list. Hope you find these apps as enjoyable as I have. Remember, this is just a starting point. So get searching and discover what else the Google Play store holds.

What android apps would you recommend?

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