It’s been awhile since I last played Awesomenauts, and quite frankly I felt guilty. I praised this game a lot last year, and I haven’t touched it at all in 2013. I decided that since there’s a new character out, I would load it back up and give Vinnie and Spike a go.

Awesomenauts 2012-12-19 02-10-35-38This new character is by far the most hilarious, and this is quite an achievement considering the shear amount of insanity in Awesomenauts. Vinnie and Spike are criminal partners, with a 1920’s Mafia theme. Vinnie is the mastermind of the pair, a smart little gangster plankton whilst Spike is the muscle, a big blowfish. I’m used to Awesomenauts and it’s sense of humour. But this addition to the roster blew me away. You can’t play as these characters and not smile. The little gangster voice, complements of YouTube superstar Total Biscuit, and the expressionless face of the dimwitted Spike are enough to make anyone enjoy the game.

Awesomenauts 2012-12-19 02-12-46-32The characters are incredibly similar to that of Derpl Zork cosmetically, but they are completely different in combat. The default attack is a bubble beam type attack. Spike breathes out a hail of bubbles that can be upgraded to increase damage, range and the quantity of bubbles. With Vinnie and Spike, the two purchasable abilities are a charge attack and a smokescreen. The charge attack features Spike completely deflating himself whilst dashing forward, causing damage to anyone who gets in his way. He also releases a series of spikes which shoot out in all directions. Used right, this move is perfect for dispersing those pesky ‘nauts from your turrets. The smokescreen is a rather harmless move, but can give your team the edge as the enemy teams visibility is heavily decreased. This is best used when you need to make that quick escape.

The character is a rather offensive Awesomenaut, with similar strength to Derpl and Clunk. Upgraded properly and Vinnie and Spike Awesomenauts 2013-01-23 12-26-14-49can make very furious tanks. With the support of Zoltar the healer or Yuri the ultra damage cosmonaut, you can create a near impenetrable wall that has the ability to not only take out enemy players, but most importantly deal some serious damage to the enemy turrets and reactors.

Overall, since Awesomenauts launched, we’ve seen an impressive and constant build up of characters, but Vinnie and Jones are definitely contenders for my favourite Awesomenauts. Although they don’t bring in anything new with regards to play style, they do make the game more entertaining. We can now only wait and see if Romino Games will release any new ‘nauts that have the potential to knock Vinnie and Spike off their place on my Awesomenauts podium.

Grab Awesomenauts on Steam here for £6.99. The game is also available for Xbox and PS3 on their respective stores!

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