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So you may of seen my review of Angry Birds Rio yesterday and you may also remember me mentioning the fact I hadn’t played Bad Piggies yet. Well that is now a lie! I downloaded the game late last night and as soon as it had downloaded I was all over like pigs on eggs.

The game puts you in the shoes of those naughty snorters where you must build elaborate contraptions to help you reach an objective normally over a hill or two with jumps and falls along the way.

The game stays true to the Angry Birds feel with it’s colourful and vibrant backgrounds as well as it’s catchy jingles, only this time you’re the enemy. Each level starts with a building area where you are given a certain amount of select objects to build your transport. The most basic set up is three blocks of wood, one pig sitting in the middle and two wheels attached to bottom of the outer two blocks. Once you progress through levels you have to start using attachments such as desk fans to propel you forward or even backwards.

Bad Piggies Down The Hill

There are three different chapters each harder than the last and allowing you to make better machines to get you to your objective. Each chapter has 36 levels with nine additional missions that give you more equipment to play with. There is also a sandbox mode which lets you play through large maps with parts that you can pick up whilst playing the main story. In the sandbox games you must build a vehicle to transport you as far as possible, collecting stars on the way.

Bad Piggies is a really fun game and there’s a lot of room for it to grow, much like the Angry Birds have in their own right. With this new game Rovio have added yet another layer to the franchise which as per usual is an absolute winner. Bad Piggies is available on iOS by following the link as well as Android here, PC & Mac! So really you have no excuse not to play it, So go!


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