2012 really was a year for gaming. We had so many amazing releases, and to narrow them all down is an incredibly difficult challenge to overcome. Luckily, I think I’ve done it, so here are my top 5 games of 2012!

  1. Call of Duty- Black Ops 2:

Call of Duty Black Ops

I’ve adored the story of the original black ops, and even the story of World at War. For me, it’s a lot more compelling than the Modern Warfare trilogy, with the characters and voice acting being pretty much perfect across the Cold War based Black Ops. I’d rather listen to Mason and Woods than Soap and Captain Price any day of the week.

Initially when I first saw footage of this game, and even heard rumours of it I was doubtful. One of the first things I did see was a couple of second’s long clip which featured the player riding a horse. That put a very sour taste in my mouth, because the activity of horse riding seemed so devoid and out of place within the game. After playing through the campaign, and realising the context of the mission involving the horses, I can honestly say that my humble pie has been devoured, and the game boasts one of the greatest single player campaigns of all time.

The game only reaches number 5, mainly due to the multiplayer. For me, there is no greater multiplayer experience on the Xbox 360 then playing Battlefield 3. For me, the frustration in all the Call of Duty games comes out during the multiplayer, and I find myself swearing at campers more than I do actually enjoying the game, so this is the factor that brings this game down in my opinion.


  1. PokeMMO:

This is a free-to-play platformer that I discovered not long ago, and if you’re a fan of the Pokémon game boy/DS games then you have to get this game!
Essentially, some developers have managed to turn Pokémon Fire Red into a fully functioning MMO, with the graphics of Heart Gold (if you have the ROM installed). Not only does that allow you to have even more access to what can be described as the greatest video games ever, but you also have the ability to get some of those pesky Pokémon that were originally unavailable. Because there are so many players, all bound to one server, there’s definitely going to be someone who has what you want.

The development of the game onto the PC platform has added a new cooperative playing style. Simply create a character, meet a friend and play the game alongside each other. Having a friend will also help with the enjoyment of the game, and who knows, if you’ve got a Machoke that needs evolving via trade, just give your friend a cheeky tweet asking for help! It’s these little things that have added to my enjoyment on PokeMMO.

  1. World of Tanks:WoT

World of Tank’s became known to me after a TV advert, and my immediate reaction was that it was the same as all the other free-to-play MMO’s out there on the market. After playing it for almost non-stop for a month, I feel like this is absolutely untrue, World of Tanks is something else.

The general perception with free-to-play (F2P) MMO’s is that they’re terrible until you voluntarily have to cash out for the content. This isn’t the case with World of Tanks. Although the game does feature a micro transaction system, it really isn’t necessary. The game is thoroughly enjoyable to play, and the added benefit of this game is that there is no giant evil cloud hovering over you, pestering you to invest your money. If you want to spend some money, it’s completely your choice.

Aside from the financial aspects, the game is very fun. I like to think of it as Counter Strike but with tanks. The idea is that you engage in a team death match, with the last tank standing team wins. You can also capture the enemy base to win the games. The amount of tanks in World of Tanks is what’s truly incredible. Games like Call of Duty boast maybe 30 guns in their entirety, but World of Tanks contains, well over 300 tanks. These come from a variety of countries, and all are customisable. For sheer fun, and my passion for military history made this game a no-brainer.

  1. FTL:FTL

FTL I picked up only recently in the Steam Sale, and what a purchase! Such a simplistic game, yet hours of fun which really cannot be replicated.

The game points you in control of a ship, a ship which contains an important mission, to deliver a message to the rebellion. You must take pilot said ship through system riddled with enemy ships that are looking to kill you. The excitement? One life. Once you die, you have to completely start over from the very beginning with the most basic of ships. Throughout the life of your ship, you can collect new equipment, new crew members and improvements for the system of your ships. But once you’re dead, all that’s gone. The horror of seeing your ship obliterated into oblivion really does add for a truly amazing gaming sensation, and trust me, you’ll want more.

The game’s simplicity and beauty really make this game a great for me. Such a simple idea and not the most advanced on the market either! For a game of such a small calibre to come out swinging with such a promising future made this game one of my definite favourites of the year.

Tekkit1. Tekkit:

Making this list was difficult, but finding number 1 was easy, the rest were the tricky ones. Tekkit is without a doubt my all time favourite computer game.

A compilation of mods for Mojang’s highly successful Minecraft, Tekkit brings the game to an all new level. Such a higher level in fact that I’ve never been able to play the vanilla version of Minecraft since! Minecraft was a game I could play for hours, and the added industrialisation introduced by Tekkit really does push the satisfaction of building to new heights. There’s no greater gaming experience then playing on a Tekkit server, the time flies.

Tekkit boasts mod packs such as Buildcraft, Industrialcraft, Equivalent Exchange and Redpower, which each adds their own unique fields of expertise to the game. Using them all together creates a gaming symphony.

The only way to truly understand the joy and fun of Tekkit is to play it, so I implore every gamer with a Minecraft.net profile, to give the game a go. Trust me, vanilla Minecraft won’t taste the same again!

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