Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

It’s quite clear that there’s two dominating smartphone operating systems in the market currently and that’s Apples iOS, and Google’s Android operating system. Both of which are completely different and offer something unique to a potentially new smartphone customer. But since the recent Ubuntu OS announcement I’ve been thinking whether the Ubuntu phone that Canonical are currently working on could become a real contender up there amongst iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8…

I actually believe that there’s a huge possibility and I think it’s purely down to the fact that you’ve got a desktop/laptop computer in your pocket. What do I mean by that? Well if you haven’t really heard much about the Ubuntu OS I’ll fill you in.

Ubuntu Desktop Convergence

The Ubuntu mobile OS will work like any other smartphone operating system, but whack it into it’s dock and thanks to Desktop Convergence your screen should light up, and there’s a fully fledged Ubuntu Desktop. Don’t expect to dock your Ubuntu Phone and load up the Linux Steam client any time soon though, you’re hoping for a bit too much there.. but you could do almost everything you can do on your smartphone but with the added option to use desktop apps such as GIMP and LibreOffice and have all of your files saved on your phone removing the need for cloud storage.

With smartphones becoming a lot faster year after year, I believe that the Ubuntu OS could become a strong contender in the smartphone scene.

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