Trion Worlds, the creators of the Rift and End of Nations has a new project in the work and it’s shaping up into something epic. Defiance, an open world shooter coming later this year to both console and PC. The other day, a new trailer was released to showcase the massive co-op battles that Defiance has to offer. Check it out above…

Rather action packed wouldn’t you say? I hope you would given what’s on show in the latest trailer. Huge bosses, alien-tech weaponry, massive co-op battles, vehicles and much more. The game is highly anticipated and will allow players to experience a new type of shooter both on console and PC. The world of Defiance itself is dynamic and constantly evolving as players will journey through an alien-riddled, terraformed San Francisco Bay Area. With intense action like a “AAA” console shooter and the scale, customization and persistence of an MMO, the experience who will have playing Defiance is set to be rich and enjoyable.

Not only that but there is also a TV counterpart in the making which promises to add more depth, scope, characters and drama to the world in a classic sci-fi style. But why is the TV counterpart so exciting? Because it exists in the same universe as the game meaning that both can be influenced by each other and evolve together over time. It’s a unique and creative way to allow the world and overall story of Defiance to develop. I’m looking forward to this.

You can sign up to the Defiance Beta here and hopefully on the 18th of January, you’ll get your invite to the PC version of the Defiance Beta!

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