Desk Pets Tankbot


With things like Twitter and Facebook distracting us from our work, let me introduce to you the Desk Pets Tankbot. This micro robot will waste hours of your time as you chase your animals around the house, or try to maneuver around the obstacle course you’ve built around your desk.


The little robot is strange looking but in some ways it’s adorable. It comes with three modes, a Maze Mode where the robot identifies it’s surroundings and avoids them accordingly, a Personality Mode, this one is my personal favourite, it whistles, spins, falls asleep, and whizzes round in the most adorable tankbot way. The final mode is the one I was most interested in and that’s the ability to use your smartphone to control the little dude.


The Tankbot comes with a little attachment that you whack into your headphone jack of your iPhone or Android device, once you’ve downloaded the app and checked if it’s all calibrated properly, you can choose what Desk Pet you have and bam! A tiny little remote controlled robot! Rather disappointingly though, it doesn’t quite work as well as I was hoping. It appears to recognise the light that’s emitted from the attachment in your headphone jack, and acts accordingly but once the robot’s sensor is out of view, it’ll just continue with the last command it was given. Not a problem if you’re just whizzing around your desk, but trying to maneuver around larger open spaces was quite difficult.

Batteries aren’t an issue either, the Tankbot has a little flip out tail that you plug into any USB port or charger, it only takes around 40 minutes for a full charge, but his battery lasts for a long while. There is a battery in the jack attachment, but that’s just a small watch battery so if that ever runs out, it’ll be inexpensive to replace.

Other than the control issue, this little guy is a perfect addition to my gadget collection and comes in a variety of different colours such as blue, green, and orange, and I can imagine if you and a friend  have one, it’d be pretty hilarious trying to control them both.

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