iPhone 5


With the iPhone 5 only just completing it’s worldwide roll out, it’s no surprise to hear that Apple are already working on their next version of the popular smartphone, the iPhone. Just like we’ve come to expect a new instalment of Call of Duty every November, every year there’s always a new iPhone, or a new version of iOS that’ll raise it’s head some time this year.

A developer has reported spotting the iPhone 6 that’s running iOS 7 within app logs. The logs showed the device with an ‘iPhone6.1’ label that’s running the next version of iOS, iOS 7. Though claims of phone labels and iOS versions being easily doctored, the logs IP was traced back to Apple’s Cupertino campus leading us to believe that this is could quite possibly be genuine.

Apple seem to be getting a little lazy with keeping secrets, with the iPhone 4 ‘accidentally’ left in a bar, and the early reports of the iPhone 5 parts being leaked, and now this.. We’ll soon see what other ‘leaks’ appear over the next few months.

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