I know what you may be thinking – “did you already review DmC?” and the answer to that is yes! We reviewed the demo for DmC a short while ago and Sam wasn’t really a fan of the game, and quite frankly has become disappointed with the quality of games that Capcom have come out with recently. Despite that, I thought I’d give the game a try and see what was so bad about this DmC reboot.

Before we begin I have to say I really fucking love this game. I’m not usually a fan of hack and slash brawlers, but this game has something completely different than you’d usually expect from a game of this genre. Though the basics of the game were covered in Sams review, I’ll just do a quick run through.


You play as Dante, a kind of rebel who has no respect for authority or society in general really. Dante isn’t human, but he’s also aware of this fact, and he also knows that despite the fact that he’s not human, he’s not anything like the demons that have tormented him throughout his life. You’ll soon get the feeling that this guy is totally lost within himself, an outcast if you will, and just doesn’t care about much any more.

The game begins with a rather long cinematic – there’s a fair few of these before every mission, so you better be sitting comfortably. After the cinematic you’re thrown into another more action packed one that introduces Dante being awoken by a girl telling him that they’ve “found” him, hopefully you’ll be as confused as I am at this point. A few minutes later a giant demon comes surfing across the sea towards you as it begins to drag you into limbo, a rather monochromatic world between life and death. Eventually you’re thrown straight into the action and the first demons are introduced to you.

Ebony and Ivory

Eventually throughout the mission, even though you already have the Rebellion, Dante’s trusted sword, you’ll come across the Ebony and Ivory, Dante’s famous guns, and eventually you’ll come across his jacket too, further into the game you also “unlock” special weapons, such as the Arbiter – a demonic axe, the Osiris – an angelic scythe, the Eryx – demonic gauntlets, Aquilla – angelic death stars, and finally the Kablooey, a nice shotgun.

Along the way you’ll also collect souls after you’ve killed demons, and these are used to upgrade health, upgrade Dante’s stats, and extra lives, but this can only be done once you’ve found the illusive statue that allows you to do so.

DmCGameplay is what really made it for me in this game, it’s kind of a mix between Soulcalibur and Tomb Raider, you’ve got the sort of arena style beat ’em up / hack and slash game play that Soulcalibur has, but with the fast paced action, running and jumping and avoiding falling objects game play that you’d find in the Tomb Raider series. And at the end of every mission there’s a final total of how you did in the game giving it a real arcade feel which I think is awesome. Along with the game play, one more thing puts this game at the top of my favourites list, and that’s the music. During combat you’re greeted with the most fitting music you’d hope for in this type of game, and being a music nut this is something I absolutely adore!

Though some may say the game play is over the top, for me as someone who’s never played a Devil May Cry title, I think it all works really well. Even though most people are saying that this game is pretty bad, personally I don’t see it, but I suppose if you’re more of a veteran Capcom game player like Sam, you may well be disappointed.

DmC is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on the 15th of January, followed by a PC release on the 25th.

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