Final Fantasy All the Bravest

Final Fantasy All the Bravest

We’ve seen a fair few mobile games from Square Enix such as the more obvious Final Fantasy ports, to the lesser known SolaRola and Qwirkle but these games, in particular the Final Fantasy titles and last years release of a The World Ends With You port, are really overpriced versions of games you already own. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing because it’s not, it’s great that they’re introducing quite popular console games onto a more convenient hand held platform, it’s just a shame they’re ports and not designed specifically for mobile devices and their ‘pick-up-and-play’ game style.

Final Fantasy: All The BraveThat being said, today, Square Enix released a new Final Fantasy Game for iOS named Final Fantasy: All the Bravest. This game is “touch-action” game where the player is constantly in battle, and the combat is based on the famous Active Time Battle system from the Final Fantasy series. For those who are unsure about the ATB system, each character possesses an ATB gauge that displays the time remaining until that character can execute an action. When the gauge is full, players can simply tap or drag their finger over the character to attack. If you touch multiple characters in succession though, you’ll unleash a fast paced battle on your foes. Like with most RPG’s defeating foes earns you the experience points you need to level up, which in turns grants you character slots to add more and more members to your party.

An addition to this, every three hours you’ll be awarded a “Fever” option. This activates the ability to attack without the need for the ATB gauge to be full. This lasts for as long as the chocobo-themed music is playing so get in with as many attacks as possible before the time ends.

The game itself features a lot of characters, enemies, and music from throughout the Final Fantasy series, so it looks like a great game if you’re a FF fan!

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is available on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad for £2.49 ($3.99). Get it from the iTunes app store.

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