If you read my DMC demo review a month ago you would know that I don’t really like “Hack n Slash” games because they are a bit basic and I seem to get bored of them easily. Metal Gear Rising is a lot better than any other game that I have played in the genre and the fact that I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series. The first thing that fans are going to pick out is the fact that this game does not really involve stealth, there are stealth elements but it’s not the core game play and this is a different series, its metal gear rising and not Metal Gear Solid.

The basic story of this demo is that this game is set ten years after Metal Gear Solid 4 and there is no longer ID control over soldiers, guns or gear. You play as Raiden (everyones favourite) and you work for a private mercenary company MGRR2trying to take down another mercenary company who are actually terrorists.

The presentation is what you immediately spot because most Metal Gear games have been known for spectacular graphical presentation, this game looks good on the xbox which is strange because most of the time the metal gear series have been on Playstation and Nintendo (Twin Snakes). The game runs completely smooth in  sixty frames per second, even when there is a lot going on for example when you are surrounded by cyborgs it does not drop frame with the chaotic sword play.

The gameplay is really fun and satisfying because when you are in battle mode you will be out numbered and you can take them down with several precise swipes of your sword. There is a mode that you can select where you can cut your enemies or obMGRRjects precisely into pieces and if you slice them in half you can collect something that looks like a spinal cord which is one of the ways you restore you health. At times this game can be overwhelming, for example; I decided to not to play the tutorial and jumped straight into the gameplay. This resulted with me not knowing what I was doing with the precise cutting mechanic and I was get my arse kicked and surrounded in the battle zones, so I would recommend playing the tutorial first. Besides that little problem this game is awesome and I don’t say that often about hack and slash games because I generally find them boring but who knows what the actual game is like because this is only a demo, I could get bored of the actual game but until that day comes I suggest that you give this demo a go.

Do you agree with my review or do you think that Hideo Kojima is trying to please the COD generation? leave a comment below.

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